PowerUp Description

The pwrCONVERTTEMP PowerUp function converts a number with a given unit to an equivalent number in another unit. The current temperature units supported are Fahrenheit, Celcius, and Kelvin.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrCONVERTTEMP(value, SourceUnit, TargetUnit)

The pwrCONVERTTEMP PowerUp function has the following arguments:

value – Required. This is the number you will be converting.

SourceUnit – Required. This is a value that represents the source unit which are detailed below.

TargetUnit – Required. This is a value that represents the target unit to which the conversion will be done. Any combination of the argument values below can be used.

C – Celcius

F – Fahrenheit

K – Kelvin

Return Value

pwrCONVERTTEMP will return an equivalent number of SourceUnit expressed in TargetUnit.


For some of the very large or high precision numbers, the possibility for round off errors exists. Always verify the returned values.



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