PowerUp Description

The pwrMAYBE PowerUp function returns a value of TRUE or FALSE based on the values or expressions passed and the desired probability that they evaluate to TRUE.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrMAYBE(value1, value2, probability)

The pwrMAYBE PowerUp function has the following arguments:

value1 – Required. This a value or expression that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE.

value2 – Required. This is a value or expression that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE.

probability – Required. This is a percentage value between 0 and 100 (inclusive).

Return Value

pwrMAYBE will return FALSE if any of the value parameters passed returns FALSE.

pwrMAYBE may return TRUE if all of the value parameters returns TRUE. The likelihood of the pwrMAYBE returning TRUE is approximately the value of probability passed.


Using a probability value of 100 is effectively the same as using the built-in Excel function AND(value1, value2). Using a probability value of 0 will force a return of FALSE.



Will return TRUE roughy 75% of the time.


Will return FALSE 100% of the time.

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