PowerUp Description

The pwrMESSAGEBOX PowerUp function prompts the user with provided alert text. One of a set of button options is specified to capture the user response.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrMESSAGEBOX(Caption, MessageText, Buttons)

The pwrMESSAGEBOX PowerUp function has the following arguments:

Caption – Required. This is the text that appears at the top of the input box window.

MessageText – Required. This is the instructive text to direct the user to enter text in the box provided.

Buttons – Optional. Must be one of the following values.

  • AbortRetryIgnore – will show three buttons (Abort, Retry, Ignore)
  • OK – will show a single OK button (this is the default value used if a Buttons argument is not provided)
  • OKCancel – will show an OK and a Cancel button
  • RetryCancel – will show a Retry and a Cancel button
  • YesNo – will show a Yes and a No button
  • YesNoCancel – will show three buttons (Yes, No, Cancel)

Return Value

pwrMESSAGEBOX will return the text of the button clicked.




=pwrMESSAGEBOX("Message Box Title", "The IF condition in this cell has been satisfied", "YesNoCancel")

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