PowerUp Description

The pwrGETQUERYSTRINGTOKENVALUE PowerUp function retrieves the value of a parameter (token) provided in the querystring of a URL.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrGETQUERYSTRINGTOKENVALUE(sourcestring, token)

The pwrGETQUERYSTRINGTOKENVALUE PowerUp function has the following arguments:

sourcestring – Required. This is the string that contains the querystring. This string can be either a complete URL or only the querystring.

token – Required. This is the parameter to retrieve the value from.

Return Value

pwrGETQUERYSTRINGTOKENVALUE will return the value associated with the requested token.


This value will automatically be unescaped.



Will return the following:


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