PowerUp Description

The pwrADDRESSPART PowerUp function returns the requested element from the address value.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrADDRESSPART(value, element)

The pwrADDRESSPART PowerUp function has the following arguments:

value – Required. This is the value from which element will be extracted.

element – Required. This specified the part of the address to be returned.

Return Value

pwrADDRESSPART will return a string that matches the requested element from the address value.


The address elements that may be returned are listed below.

“pob” – Post Office Box (if present)

“street” – street address

“unit” – unit number (if present)

“city” – city

“state” – state

“zip” – zip code


=pwrADDRESSPART("123 Main Street, Anytown, WA 99163", "city")

Will return the following:


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