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I’m up here in the great Pacific Northwest. You’ve probably heard that it rains all the time here. That’s a myth. It just rains most of the time. That’s OK with me. This region is unmatched in its raw natural beauty, nearby outdoor activities, and nearby urban scene. I have friends and family from all across the globe and all that visit love the area – as do I!

I would love to hear from you and answer your questions about my existing Office PowerUp add ins and other utilities. I’d also be eager to hear about the creative and unique ways you’ve been able to use the Office PowerUps add-ins, utilities, or formulas and tips to help you in your day-to-day job. My current contact information is maintained on the About menu item on this site.

I hope this collection of new add-ins can help save time, help to improve the quality of data, and even be fun to use (look at converting to “dog years” in the pwrCONVERTTIME function).

I’ve packed up these functions into a single downloadable package (called Excel PowerUps Premium Suite) you can try out for yourself. Of course there are the individual add-in products if you don’t need or want the full suite. But if you find value in more than one package – and I expect you would, I’ve got the full suite of add-ins bundled together in one premium add-in pack for the greatest value. I hope you find the information here, along with the add-ins, useful.

Special Acknowledgement

In specifically creating the Excel Add-in I have found the Excel DNA library extraordinarily useful. It’s a bit light on the documentation, but has super useful posts that typically can set you on the path to solving your problem.


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