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What is the Excel Add-in Automatic Installer?

The Excel Add-in Automatic Installer is a redistributable that will work with your installation package to accomplish the following:

  • Automatically install your Excel add-in for each version of Excel
  • Control whether to install for all versions of Excel installed, or target single versions.
  • Automatically remove your add-in’s configuration within Excel for all versions or target specific versions.
  • Run with command-line parameters, or run with an XML configuration file.
  • Works with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Reduce Deployment Time

Creating your add-in for Excel is part of the task. And now, getting the add-in installed on your customer desktops is your next task. Manual Excel add-in deployment to a number of customers can be challenging. Getting your customers to manually install your add-in can be a headache (for you and for them). The manual process can be error-prone. What set of manual steps isn’t? You can expect a number of help requests to come in to assist in manually installing the add-in.

To save yourself, as well as your customers a fair amount of time, automate the deployment or installation of your Excel add-ins. The automated deployment is fast, reliable, and best of all easier for your customers.

Reduce Deployment Costs

Saving all this time has real value. Consider the cost comparison presented in the table below.

Excel Add-in Automatic InstallerEstimated Cost for Manual User Installation (for 1,000 users)
$99 one-time cost or...>$20,000 recurring expense with each deployment
No complicated instructions to follow. Installation 'just works'.Documentation and distribution of required manual setup steps for each version of Excel ($1000) running among your customers.
Automatic registration of your XLLs and XLAs. All your customers need to do is run your setup program. Automatic unregistration will hep make uninstalls easy too.Manual execution of setup steps by your internal customers ($10,000). All that time spent by all those customers adds up.
Requiring no manual steps will help to minimize your installation support needs.Installation support ($10,000). The installation questions will come. This could be much higher with a less experienced customer base.
Reuse the automatic installer for many of your add-ins to get an even greater return.The manual deployment and installation cost is incurred with each add-in you release. So, look a the number below, and plan on that expense each time you need to deploy. The deployment costs simply add up over time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Make the first impression with your add-in a positive one. Make the installation process seamless for your customers and get them straight to enjoying your add-in without any headaches to get it installed or activated within Excel.

Check out the Documentation Page

See how the Excel Add-In Automatic Installer can be put to use in your deployment package.

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