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Purchasing Multiple Licenses of the Excel PowerUps Premium Suite

The table below summarizes the progressive discounts available as the number of licenses purchased increases.

These discounts are only available in a single transaction. In other words, purchasing 50 licenses now and then 50 license later does not make the second purchase eligible for the higher tier discount.

Purchase Methods

Buy Online (Recommended)

Purchase can be made in one of two methods. The quickest and easiest method is to make the purchase using the online purchase form (uses secure connection). On the checkout form, indicate the number of licenses you wish to purchase. Using the table below, enter the discount code that applies to that tier of licenses.

Your purchase receipt will note the number of licenses purchased, the license key to use for those licenses, as well as contain a link to the download files.


If you require a physical invoice, please contact sales@officepowerups.com with your purchase request. Please include the number of licenses you wish to purchase, your name and relevant company information.

Excel PowerUps Premium Suite Volume Pricing Table

Discount LevelNumber of LicensesDiscount AppliedNet Cost Per LicenseDiscount Code to Use at Checkout
None1 to 20%$49.95
Professional3 to 420%$39.96PRO1
5 to 2425%$37.46PRO2
Small Business25 to 4935%$32.47SMB1
50 to 9940%$29.97SMB2
100 to 19950%$24.98SMB3
200 to 34955%$22.48SMB4
Enterprise350 to 49960%$19.98ENT1
500 to 69965%$17.48ENT2
700 to 99970%$14.99ENT3
Global Enterprise1000 and higher75%$12.49ENT4

This button will start you off with one license. Just enter the number of licenses you are purchasing on the form.

Should you have any additional questions regarding the purchase of additional licenses, please contact sales@officepowerups.com.

Thank you.

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