PowerUp Description

The pwrVLOOKUP PowerUp function looks up a value in a table or range of cells and returns the value of the cell from the matching row, at a column offset specified. The match in pwrVLOOKUP can be either exact or fuzzy to varying degrees.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrVLOOKUP(lookupvalue, tablearray, columnindex, strength)

The pwrVLOOKUP PowerUp function has the following arguments:

lookupvalue – Required. This is the value to be searched for in the tablearray.

tablearray – Required. This is the range of cells from which to find the match. The cells to match within must be the leftmost column of data in the tablearray.

columnindex – Required. This is the column containing the data to be returned.

strength – Optional. This is a value between 0 and 100. If not provided, the default value used is 100. This will return an exact (or 100%) match. To perform a fuzzy match, use a smaller number (for example, 50) to indicate a lower strength of match.

Return Value

pwrVLOOKUP will return the value from the cell in the column identified by the columnindex parameter. If the cell is empty, an empty string will be returned.


You can vary the strength of match as needed to achieve the degree of fuzziness required. A good starting value is 50, but you can increase or decrease as needed.

The columnindex value begins at 1.


=pwrVLOOKUP("John Smith", A1:B1000, 2, 50)

Would be able to match a row with the value “John Smythe” and return the corresponding column value.

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