PowerUp Description

The pwrURLPART PowerUp function returns the requested element from a URL.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrURLPART(url, element)

The pwrURLPART PowerUp function has the following arguments:

url – Required. This is the full URL from which the requested element will be extracted.

element – Required. This is the element of the URL being requested.

The list below provides the parameter values to use for the element requested.

  • “AUTH” – Authority
  • “PATH” – Absolute Path
  • “URI” – Absolute URI
  • “DNS” – DNS Safe Host
  • “HOST” – Host
  • “LOC” – Local path
  • “PAGE” – Page name
  • “PQ” – Path and query
  • “PORT” – Port
  • “Q” – Query
  • “SCH” – Scheme
  • “SEG” – Segment
  • “UESC” – User escaped
  • “UINF” – User info

Return Value

pwrURLPART will return a string containing the element requested from the URL.





Will return the following:


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