PowerUp Description

The pwrFETCHXMLVIAPOST PowerUp function calls a Web Service using the provided URL. Parameters are passed on the URL as a POST method call.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrFETCHXMLVIAPOST(value, parameters)

The pwrFETCHXMLVIAPOST PowerUp function has the following arguments:

value – Required. This is the complete URL to call the Web Service.

parameters – Required. This is the list of parameters and values to be passed to the web service call. The parameters are formatted in the same manner as a querystring component of a URL.

Return Value

pwrFETCHXMLVIAPOST will return the result of the Web Service call.


The URL value provided must be a fully-formed and fully-encoded URL string.

The parameters string must also be URL encoded.


=pwrFETCHXMLVIAPOST("http://webserviceservername/serviceurl/", "arg1=val1&arg2=val2")

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