PowerUp Description

The pwrCONCATENATE PowerUp function concatenates the text in a range of cells. You can specify an optional delimiter character as well as whether to traverse the range by row or by column.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrCONCATENATE(Range, [Delimiter], [Orientation])

The pwrCONCATENATE PowerUp function has the following arguments:

Range – Required. This is the range of cells containing the text to concatenate.

Delimiter – Optional. The delimiter character will be inserted between the concatenated text from individual cells. The default value is an empty string. Or, no delimiter.

Orientation – Optional. The default orientation is by row. Or first across, then down. The allowed values are:



Return Value

pwrCONCATENATE will return the concatenated text string.


If a cell in the range is empty, it is skipped.

If the last cells in a range are empty, an extra delimiter character will be appended to the returned string.


=pwrCONCATENATE(A1:C15, "|", "COLS")

This will concatenate the range of cells from A1 to C15. The order of concatenation will be A1, A2, A3, … A15, B1, B2… and a pipe character (“|”) will be inserted between the text of each cell.