PowerUp Description

The pwrRANDFROMSET PowerUp function returns a randomly selected value from the list of arguments provided.

PowerUp Syntax

pwrRANDFROMSET(value1, value2, value3, ..., value254)

The pwrRANDFROMSET PowerUp function has the following arguments:

value1 – Required.

value2 – value254 – Optional. These are other values to randomly select from.

Return Value

pwrRANDFROMSET will return the value from one of the cells in the range.


You can have up to 254 items passed in, and they need not be of the same data type.


=pwrRANDFROMSET(1,5,"seven", $A$1)

Will return a randomly selected value of 1, 5, “seven”, or the contents of cell A1.

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