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Subscription Pricing Now Available for Excel PowerUps Premium Suite

Since the Excel PowerUps is an add-in, it needs to be installed on each PC that needs access to the new or enhanced functionality provided by the add-in. Volume purchase discounts were a way to get a break on the overall cost of installing on multiple PCs. Now, several annual subscription options have been made available to help lower the initial cost and better support installation on multiple PCs at a lower cost.

Note: This does not affect existing license holders as there is no change to the perpetual licenses and ability to update to newer versions.

Solo Artist

Are you the only one among your colleagues that needs or uses the Excel PowerUps add-in? The Solo Artist subscription tier is the one for you. At $29/year you start off saving.

Data Warrior

Are you part of a small team? Or, maybe you have a desktop PC and a laptop at work. And maybe you have another PC or two at home? Wouldn’t it be great to have the Excel PowerUps add-in available on every PC you worked with? The Data Warrior subscription tier is the way to go. The Data Warrior subscription is for up to 5 PCs. That’s only $19.80/year for 5 PCs.

Team Workgroup

Do you have a larger workgroup? Or are you a small team of Data Warriors? The Team Workgroup subscription tier is just for you. The Team Workgroup subscription is for up to 15 PCs. You’re piling on the savings here. That’s just $13.27/year for 15 PCs.

Enterprise Powerhouse

This is for the big dogs. Are you an analytics shop and need your employees to have Excel PowerUps as part of your standard PC setup? Do you want to ensure your whole enterprise can share, collaborate, and work with files using the new or enhanced features? The Enterprise Powerhouse is for you and covers up to 100 PCs. That is just $9.99/year for 100 PCs.

Purchasing Online is Easy

Go to the secure online purchase form where you can check out with credit card or PayPal. If you require an invoice or quote contact