Simulating an Event Happening by Using Excel

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From a Boolean perspective, of course TRUE AND TRUE = TRUE. However, sometimes you may want to model something in a simple manner that may be much more complex then a couple of inputs.

For example, imagine you wanted to simulate whether it was going to snow on a given day. Perhaps you have one value that identifies whether it is cloudy or not. In another value you have identified whether it is freezing cold outside.

If CLOUDY = TRUE, and FREEZING = TRUE, you still can’t say SNOW = TRUE. The final factor may be whether or not there will be any precipitation on that day. Lets say there was a 60% chance of precipitation. The chance of snow would then be 60% on a day where it was cloudy and freezing. If either cloudy or freezing weren’t true, it wouldn’t snow.

You can set up a table with a column for each variable, or you can use the pwrMAYBE function. In the example above the pwrMAYBE function could be used as follows.


To randomize whether it was cloudy or freezing, you could write as follows.


If this formula was repeated over a number of cells the result would be the number of days with snow with a 60% chance of precip on days where there was an equal chance of being cloudy and freezing. It’s a super simple example but it gives you an idea of the usage of pwrMAYBE.