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Sometimes you have a need to compare text strings that don’t exactly match. You might need to match “(425)555-1212” to “4255551212” for example. Or perhaps you’d like to match “12345 Main st” to “12345 main street”. The Excel PowerUps Premium Suite add-in (available as a free trial download) includes a function that helps you do just that by enabling a fuzzy search in Excel.

Fuzzy Search and Replace

If you want to do a fuzzy search and replace you can use the Fuzzy Find and Replace tool. You can see an example of it’s use here.

fuzzy search and replace fuzzy find and replace

Fuzzy Search in Excel with a New Function for your Formulas

The function is called pwrSIMILARITY. It simply compares the two text strings and returns a percentage value that represents how similar the two values are. If they are a total match, the value is 100%. If they’re not a match at all, you get 0%. You can choose between case-sensitive or case-insensitive comparisons.

The function call looks like the following:


In the examples above, you wind up with the following when using this Excel add in.

fuzzy search in excel


Do you need to do a fuzzy VLOOKUP? Check out Fuzzy VLOOKUP in Excel.

There you go.

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